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The Hertfordshire Social Work Teaching Partnership is one is of the best initiatives that has broadened the face and future of Social Work worldwide! Not only their digital promotion, but also the capacity to support Social Workers and aspiring Social Workers are on the level  of  greatest heights. Their inventiveness and resourcefulness has given me a positive spirit to succeed both in my personal and professional life which will reflect in the wellbeing and safeguarding of my service users.

The Teaching Partnership collaboratively worked with me during my ‘’ Values, Diversity, Behaviour and Cultural differences’’ conference to ensure we take pride in creating and achieving cultural awareness and competence whilst promoting diversity, equality and positive behaviour in social work.

Based on their collaborative spirit, we were able to achieve positive outcomes during the conference which was evidenced through the influx of feedback and congratulatory messages from many professionals in Herts.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to be a beneficiary of the amazing work from teaching partnerships in Herts.  I aim to grow and expand my project through working together with them and other professionals in Herts, toward maintaining sustainable levels of diversity and cultural competence among all professionals and beyond whilst providing a basis for positive and inclusive outcome for all our service users.

So folks, get on to that new project!  Teaching partnership is here to help and here to stay!

- Elvina Mavroudi, First Year MSc Social Work Student