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Research in social work

On this page you will find information about research currently going on within the Hertfordshire Social Work Teaching Partnership.

Hertfordshire Teaching Partnership Leading National Research on E-Professionalism and Online Safeguarding

The national Principal Children and Families Social Workers (PCFSW) network in partnership with CAFCASS, National IRO Managers Partnership (NIROMP), Making Research Count, Research and Management Consultancy Centre and Hertfordshire Teaching Partnership as well as a number of leading local authorities are undertaking a national research project into studying current practice and providing best practice guidance and principles for digital practice in social work and social care.

This is a much-needed research into digital professionalism and online safeguarding and given the scale of the research Dr. Peter Buzzi has been commissioned to lead this research.

This is a two-year research project and the first component, a digital professionalism survey, has been launched today. Tell us your views about the digital professionalism and online safeguarding by completing the survey:

A national half day conference will take place on the 18th November 2019 from 9 – 12:30 at Kings College, London and all Hertfordshire staff are invited to attend. Dr. Buzzi will present the initial findings from the research and Hertfordshire research champions will support and facilitate small focus group discussions which will contribute to the overall research outputs and publication. 

If you would like to know more about this research project, please contact Claudia Megele (PSW Children’s Services) or Tanya Moore (PSW Adult Services) or Teaching Partnership Project Lead (Jeni Beard). There will regular updates in the teaching partnership newsletter. You can read our most recent newsletter here.

Research Champions

Research Champions are Social Workers from across the Teaching Partnership who have volunteered their time to advocate for research within social work.

Champions will support Social Workers who perhaps do not know the best way to get involved, or how to utilise the tools at their disposal and want to learn more about embedding research in their practice. However, they can also support Social Workers who are already research aware and wish to take their knowledge further.

We are still seeking volunteer Research Champions who can take an active role in bringing up to date research and opportunities to Social Worker colleagues.

Your role can vary from an active role in hosting your own Research Coffee Meetings, attending Teaching Partnership Research Meetings and getting involved with future research projects—to having a more desk based role, such as having a login to OpenAthens, where colleagues can ask you to find specific journals to send on to them, promoting Teaching Partnership events and encouraging colleagues to get involved. Research Champions also meet up to discuss what they are running and how they can support each other to drive further research awareness.

We are currently looking for more Research Champions across all services. We are also looking for Champions to host a Research Coffee Meeting on a semi-regular basis in County Hall and would love to see Research Champions within HPFT and CAMHS.

Please contact if you are interested.

Coming soon - Research Champion blogs!

Using research evidence & evidence in social work

Claudia Megele, PSW for Children's Services, produced a presentation with many resources about how to use research in social work.